User Defined Function for Apache Flink Table

Getting the UDF

You can get the prebuilt UDF from maven central.

If you use a maven based project simply add this dependency to your project.



Assume you register this function under the name ParseUserAgent Then the generic usage in your SQL is

ParseUserAgent(<useragent>, <requested fieldname>)

Example usage (Java)

Assume you have a either a BatchTableEnvironment or a StreamTableEnvironment in which you have defined your records as a table. In most cases I see (clickstream data) these records contain the useragent string in a column.

// Give the stream a Table Name
tableEnv.registerDataStream("AgentStream", inputStream, "timestamp, url, useragent");

Now you must do four things:

  • Determine the names of the fields you need.
  • Register the function with the full list of all the fields you want under the name you want.
  • Use the function in your SQL to extract one field at a time.
  • Run the query
// Register the function with all the desired fieldnames and optionally the size of the cache
tableEnv.registerFunction("ParseUserAgent", new AnalyzeUseragentFunction(15000, "DeviceClass", "AgentNameVersionMajor"));

// Define the query.
String sqlQuery =
    "SELECT useragent,"+
    "       ParseUserAgent(useragent, 'DeviceClass')            as DeviceClass," +
    "       ParseUserAgent(useragent, 'AgentNameVersionMajor')  as AgentNameVersionMajor" +
    "FROM AgentStream";

Table  resultTable   = tableEnv.sqlQuery(sqlQuery);

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