The demonstration webservlet

Part of the distribution is a war file that is a servlet that has a webinterface and some APIs that allow you to try things out.

This servlet can be downloaded via


NOTE that this is a DEMONSTRATION servlet!

It is simply the library in a servlet, no optimizations or smart memory settings have been done at all.


Starting with version 5.14.1 the webservlet is also published to the central docker registry.

So with docker installed and running on your (Linux) desktop you should be able to so something as simple as

docker pull nielsbasjes/yauaa:7.1.0
docker run -p8080:8080 nielsbasjes/yauaa:7.1.0

and then open

  • http://localhost:8080/

in your browser to get the output of the servlet.

Custom rules

The servlet supports loading your own custom rules, which can be useful to classify internal monitoring systems. It does this by looking in the folder that start with UserAgents for yaml files (i.e. file:UserAgents*/*.yaml ).

Based on the docker image this can be easily done with an additional layer where your entire Dockerfile looks like this

FROM nielsbasjes/yauaa:7.1.0
ADD InternalTraffic.yaml UserAgents/

When you build that docker image and run it the logging should contain something like this:

Loading 1 rule files using expression: file:UserAgents*/*.yaml
- Preparing InternalTraffic.yaml (9608 bytes)
- Loaded  1 files in   11 msec using expression: file:UserAgents*/*.yaml